Zelle not working today?


M Newton05.04 23:10
I just engaged Zelle tech support on Zelle chat about funds transfer Fails &
the bot asked printer questions & sent me a form to fill out about the printer and submit my credit card number . . . Now thinking Zelle / Wells Fargo have some serious hacker damage ?


M Newton05.04 22:55
Starting about a week ago, the Zelle App on Wells Fargo started constantly showing "failed' on transfers to new recipients . The WF customer service just gives scripted explanations that are FALSE blaming it on the new recipient who has NOT gotten any notifications from Zelle . Apparently NO One at WF or Z has the skills to trouble shoot so they just keep up with false blaming .


M Newton> M Newton06.04 02:31
UPDATE . . . Just learned my niece had falsely told me she had deleted Zelle but after I pressed her, I learned she had only turned it Off but the app still existed so the transfers were bouncing off the app. I would have her hanged but she's a wonderful mom to my great nephews .



BloggerQueen6103.04 19:23
What is the problem. Zelle stole our monies. Can't pay rent, utilities and can't get our meds. Bank is useless, it's thru Bank of America, I've called all over. No one knows what happened. One says it is Zelle, called Zelle, they say it's a banking matter. No one will help or explain and there is no timeframe. I doubt we will see it and we can get evicted. What is going on? Anyone know?

03.04 17:20

Xtian03.04 17:20
Same thing, transfer was showing and now it's gone! any idea what happened? been on hold for over 1 hour on the phone


Michael01.04 05:18
Can’t log onto Zelle app. Keeps telling me that I don’t have internet connection. I’m on wifi with great connection. Payments can’t come through until this is resolved.

NOTE: Above are excerpts from https://updownradar.com/status/zellepay.com
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